"Let's do it in Moot"

Moot combines all the tools teams need to collaborate in a single, easy-to-maintain package. With everything in one place, your team will connect in one click, collaborate over a single app, and take advantage of your existing SaaS stack.

Build a home for your teams.

Moot Workspaces are persistent for each team and projects - keep a consistent home to meet together.

One click callin’.

‘Hey, got a minute?’, One click video on Moot makes team calling as spontaneous as those candid office encounters. No more spinning up links.

All your workflows in one app.

The Moot dashboard is a customisable interface for simplifying the workflow of your team. Reinforce your workflows through integration blocks.

Be present.

Moot status allows you to know, and feel who’s around in real time. See and join conversations in real time & make room for the casual collaboration that helps your remote team connect as one.

Persistence between meetings.

All Blocks on Moot are persistent so teams can have a single source of truth - great for stand-ups, meetings & onboarding.

Multiplayer Everything.

Moot is designed to make remote collaboration great. Real time cursors, cursor chat & party modes add to the fun.

Know what's happening across the stack.

Activity brings you all the latest. Who joined the call, who set what task, what the next celebration is.

The glue between team apps.

A truly all-in-one workspace. Smart integrations from Notion to Slack, Moot is the hub for your remote product stack.


We’re on your team.

We built Moot to simplify remote work, so teams can work better, faster, and cheaper.