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Make remote work
simple for your team

Moot is an all-in-one workspace that makes remote work a multiplayer experience, so teams can collaborate better, faster and cheaper.

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The Moot Multiplayer Workspace

Join other forward-thinking organisations pioneering the future of work with Moot


The Collaborative Workspace

The ultimate multiplayer experience for your team. Notes, whiteboards, socials and more. All-in-one.










Build your company.. In your way

Moot is a substitute for the quick, human fuelled, real time collaboration that happens IRL. A fully customisable, plug and play system to build your remote org exactly how you need it to be.

Moot adds a whole new levels of end-to-end collaboration. From the multiplayer dashboard to range of blocks we use as a team.

Image that depicts connecting workflows to the Moot product


One click video

Everything in Moot lives side-by-side. All work, from ideation to execution, can be found in one place, organised by teams and projects. Video included.

Nothing allowed us to onboard new hires the way we needed until Moot. Now we put everything on a dashboard & with built-in video, it’s been smooth.


Co-work like everyone’s together

Build and iterate your workflows as you grow. Multiplayer makes work in real time, whether you’re working in the office or remotely.

Moot works great for a brainstorm, a strategy session, or even just a standup. Having our whiteboard beside tasks is a simple idea but pushes the bounds of our collaboration as a team, and company.

Image that depicts collaborating using the Moot product

“Synchronous time is expensive. With Moot, everything is in sync. We're able to work faster & feel more connected.”

Patrick Hill, Zapcare
Patrick Hill
Founder, Zapcare

Free to try.

No brainer to stay.

Start building for free, then add a plan as you grow. Company plans unlock additional features.


Best for small teams of 5 or less

$0 per user/mo

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What's included

  • Invite up to 5 coworkers for free.
  • Three workspaces.
  • All features


Great for growing teams of 6 or more who need that extra space

$12 per user/mo

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What's included

  • Everything in Starter
  • Invite unlimited coworkers.
  • Unlimited workspaces.


For organisations with globally distibuted teams and custom requirements


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What's included

  • Everything in Pro.
  • SSO with Okta.
  • Migration support.
  • Connectivity with HRIS tools.
  • Assigned Customer Support with a designated Customer Success manager.
  • Custom feature requests.

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